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  • Adaptor for “H” valve
  • Datasheet - Adaptor for “H” valve
  1. Adaptor for “H” valve
  2. Datasheet - Adaptor for “H” valve

CW510LCW510L - low lead

CW602NCW602N - DZR


Art. 300

Adaptor for “H” valve

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Code Size (D) Smooth Pack D1
The price is referred to one single piece
3000050400 3/4 1 1/2

* the last letter of the code indicates the type and color of the handle

  • Yellow
  • Chrome
  • Nickel
  • White
Aluminum handle
  • F Red
  • E Blue
  • G Yellow
  • M Black
Iron handle
  • A Red
  • D Blue
  • B Yellow
  • N Black

Max working temperature: 100°C
Max working pressure: 10 bar
Body in forged brass
Threads: ISO 228
Thermostatic head attachment: M30x1,5
Suitable for fi ttings for copper, PEX or multilayer piping
Available with thermostatic head: art.400 – art. 400A
Allowed fl uids: water (Glycole max percentage: 50%)
The mono pipe valves with four outlets are supplied complete with brass supply feeler