Bianchi F.lli

Thermostatic head, with probe

Art. 400S

Thermostatic head, with probe

Testa termostatica con sonda a distanza Scheda tecnica - Thermostatic head, with probe
CW510LCW510L - low lead CW602NCW602N - DZR solarsolar


Code Size (D) Smooth Pack D1 H h
400S000000 46 1 11 85 110.0

* the last letter of the code indicates the type and color of the handle

  • Yellow
  • Chrome
  • Nickel
  • White
Aluminum handle
  • F Red
  • E Blue
  • G Yellow
  • M Black
Iron handle
  • A Red
  • D Blue
  • B Yellow
  • N Black

Thermostatic valve attachment: M30x1,5
Sensitive element: liquido/liquid
Body in shock-proof ABS
Response time: 26 min
Possibility of blocking adjustment position
Available with thermostatic valves: THERMO, art. 384, 385T, 3851, 3851D
All thermostatic heads must be installed in horizontal position
All actuators can be installed in all the positions