Bianchi F.lli

3 ways thermostatic mixing valve

Art. 650

3 ways thermostatic mixing valve

Valvola miscelatrice termostatica a 3 vie Scheda tecnica - 3 ways thermostatic mixing valve
CW510LCW510L - low lead CW602NCW602N - DZR solarsolar


Code Size (D) Smooth Pack H L
6500N00400 1/2" 1 115 78.0
6500N00500 3/4" 1 115 78.0
6500N00600 1" 1 115 90.0

* the last letter of the code indicates the type and color of the handle

  • Yellow
  • Chrome
  • Nickel
  • White
Aluminum handle
  • F Red
  • E Blue
  • G Yellow
  • M Black
Iron handle
  • A Red
  • D Blue
  • B Yellow
  • N Black

Minimum working pressure: 2 bar
Maximum working pressure: 10 bar
Minimum cold inlet temperature: 4°C
Maximum hot inlet temperature: 85°C (solare/solar: 110°C)
Mixed outlet temperature: 35°C-55°C
Threads: ISO 228
Allowed fl uids: water (Glycole max percentage: 50%)
This valve was not designed for installations exposed to subfreezing conditions; use
suitable insulation if this possibility exists in your installation. Subjecting the TMV to heat during installation may damage the valve internals. The Webstone
TMV is designed for use in water systems only.