Bianchi F.lli

Automatic valve with manometer

Art. 449

Automatic valve with manometer

Alimentatore automatico con manometro Scheda tecnica - Automatic valve with manometer
CW510LCW510L - low lead CW602NCW602N - DZR solarsolar


Code Size (D) Smooth Pack H L
4490000400 1/2" 1 119 137.0

* the last letter of the code indicates the type and color of the handle

  • Yellow
  • Chrome
  • Nickel
  • White
Aluminum handle
  • F Red
  • E Blue
  • G Yellow
  • M Black
Iron handle
  • A Red
  • D Blue
  • B Yellow
  • N Black

Maximum upstream pressure: 8 bar
Downstream pressure: 0,4-4bar
If the valve, after the fi rst fi lling, doesn’t loads with adequate speed is appropriate to perform a control of the fi lter, by loosening the screw tap. This will give access to the fi lter for the cleaning operation. Is important not to use chemical agents that can damage the seals.